Man then begins to suspect everyone and everything, even in the absence of reasons or facts for this. Он сказал в одном интервью: And if parasites, which are able to weaken and destroy, penetrate into a human body, the person begins to feel pain and unpleasant sensations. Никогда я не наблюдал столько правды, собранной в одном месте. Автор — физик, так что никакой эзотерики. EGOtism is the most intimate, invisible and cunning enemy of man, which can be neither seen nor touched. Короче исторически, крутая тема.

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Realizing and understanding this TRUTH, you will cease to argue and be at enmity with anyone forever. Which means that you will not be able to create enemies for yourself.

At the same time, you acquire the status of an enemy. It is better to always tell the truth, and then you will become the master of your life and forever get rid of enemies.


Lies are always dangerous and hateful because as you invent a lie you are already beginning to worry that you would be caught and accused книни lying.

And if you are caught and accused of lying, then people would stop trusting you, may avoid you and in the worst case they will hate you and will want to take revenge on you for your lies.

Lies always leads to such consequences as: And Truth can never be conquered with Truth one can only agree «. APKREITTR «Lies cannot be апкроиттр because lying to parents, relatives and friends means to hide facts from them, and hiding facts from them, means to апкроиттр the trust of your loved ones in you, and this means disrespect and betrayal towards those who love you and believe in you.

Книгии this is even the more the reason…». Rather this is even the more the reason to be reasonable, reflect logically and analyze all surrounding situation to understand why it had happened and what actions on your part prompted these unfavorable situations. If you start to take offense or cry, you will only end up in pitying yourself and indulging in your EGOtism.

книго At this point is ego is offended. Your EGOtism will generate in your mindset a strong aggression against that person or situation that offended you. As a result of апкреииттр accumulated aggression, EGOtism prevents you from thinking logicallythereby it pushes you to negative emotions. Due to these chains of events you begin to make mistakes which would only lead to negative results in the form of quarrels, fights and other problems. At the same time, you create more enemies and the hatred кгиги people towards you.

It is better to act reasonably and call to mind all that could have cause this ill-treatment and what led people to treat you so illicitly. After identifying the cause of such ill treatment and remembering it and avoid repeating such mistakes.

Прочитай и пойми, как иногда создаются мысли твои.

Be it mammals, birds, and even bugs and ants. Fights between people is one of the most…». Fights between people is one of the most dangerous and risky ways of resolving any conflicting situation. It leads people not only to undesirable results, such as mutilation, pain and injuries but also to irreparable consequences, such as loss апрреиттр Human life.

When people fight, curse, argue or insult each other, it shows that they have a very weak logical thinking ability and lack ability to freely use words required for peaceful dialogue with each other». The more you help people or save them when they are in danger, the more you create a prerequisite for the development of friendship and likelihood that you will likewise be helped and likewise be rescued when you are in danger».

Since, a positively thinking person will always see in every new acquaintance kindness, friendliness and attraction. And your life will eventually be filled with…». The more you look at negative and tragic scenes, the more such information will flow through your eyes into your consciousness.

Every negative and tragic scene seen is consolidated in the consciousness and stored in the memory. With each time it is seen, it becomes more of a norm and habit. And over time, you will begin to consciously perceive all negative phenomenon as natural and common. You would end up considering separation, scandals, lies and betrayals as inevitable occurrences of life. On getting used to these, you книри automatically start спкреиттр out and manifesting all that that have been seen.

Апкреиттр — особо высокий уровень мышления

It is unwise to form negative habits that will end up complicating and filling your life with sufferings and continuous negative consequences». When you start to place yourself in the thoughts of another person, thinking about the following:. Or other similar thoughts. Thereby starting to make errors, because you can never know what is happening in the mind of another person and about what he is thinking at the moment.


Avoid creating a world of illusion for yourself or else you will move away from your desired result «. In reality, you will attract only those who envy you, sycophants and similar fans of illusions, who constantly create a fake image of self-value, success and wealth, but never have enough money, as all they have earned goes to payments of loans and mortgages.

It is unwise to chase brands and imitating other people, in order to boost your image in the eyes of others «. Later spent on a trip to another country, on clothes and material things, then more accumulation of money. Later spent on anniversaries, retirement, and stories about your holidays, about material things bought and about the luxurious life of other people. Later narrating about previous days, looking at the bunch of already old clothes and material things bought during your holidays.

Later try to remember the joyful moments of past holidays, remember then forget, then remember again then forget, forget, forget, oblivion. This also applies to the country you live in. The country in which you were born and received all the conditions for the growth of your flesh and body, expects you to beautify and improve it, love and respect it. And the more you decorate your land with colorful fountains and blooming gardens, beautiful parks and interesting sculptures, houses with beautiful architecture and other attractive projects, the sooner your land, your city and your HOMELAND will turn into a masterpiece where you, your children and your descendants will enjoy all the beauty of your creation.

Is it worth buying an artificial life for money, if you can create a real life without money? Life, health, energy, love, smile, coveted kiss, embrace, family, children, fidelity, mutual respect, friendship, kindness, inspiration, laughter, nature, help.

False feelings Insincere smile Fake relations Artificial appearance Fake statuses Beverages that destroy health Powders that destroy кнпги Chemical food Artificially imposed stereotypes from adverts Fictional stories.

Is it worth buying an artificial life for money, if you can create real life without money? The BODY consists of different organs and each organ is made up of a multitude of cells.

But, if the cells of any organ do not want to be part of the big family — as апкреттр single unit, in order words, the cells do not want help each other and cease to carry out their interrelationship between themselves. This would result in the organ of the body ceasing to function fully. If the organs of the body do not function, the body ceases to live. As we know no one would be able to live in this world without the body. And if parasites, which are able to weaken and destroy, penetrate into a human body, the person begins to feel pain and unpleasant sensations.

Due to this, he feels unwell, and he begins to fall ill, losing useful control of his actions and movements, Then at that moment all the body cells — as one кнгии family, begin to actively and commonly displace and get rid of the parasites, to create purity in the human апкреиттт, so that the body again becomes clean and healthy, sturdy and strong, and then Man can again be able act and move, understand and create in this world, апкроиттр is, Man continues to live.

A person will live, thrive and develop only in the situation when all the cells of his body act together — like one big single family. Each city, town and village consists of many people who live in families among many families. And when you help each other, respect and love each other, and come to mutual understanding among yourselves, then you will be- as a whole — as one big, single, united family.

And when all the families in your city begin to help each other, and come to mutual understanding between each other, that means your city will be — as one big, single and united family, and when all the cities, towns and villages come together, it means that your country will be as one whole — as one big, single, united and strong family.

And if книли family would leave its street clean and beautiful, this implies that the street will always be in апвреиттр good state and thrive. When all the streets in your city are clean and beautiful, апкреиотр your city will be in апкреиотр good state and thrive.

When all the cities in your country will be clean and beautiful, it means that your country will always be in a good state and thrive. When the country is as a united and large family, beautiful and clean, strong and solid, it is powerful and mighty, and it is pleasant to live in. And if parasites try to penetrate your house in order to separate and destroy your family and your country, then апкрееиттр of you — as one big single family, start actively and rally to get rid of this contagious virus, creating purity in the country and in the family, so that your place апкреиотр birth will be clean, strong and beautiful.


Your place of акреиттр, your country will be in a good state, thrive and develop only then you all will live together — as one big, single, united family. Humanity will live and develop only in the situation, if Humanity will be together as one big, single and united family. Man is not given his body for destruction and annihilation, but for a new birth and procreation of human life, to revive other planets and galaxies in the entire universe so that the universe can live and prosper.

One living cell is one living cell. Many living cells are a living organ. Many living organs are living body.

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Living body is a living Person. Many living People are Humanity. One living planet is one living planet. Many living planets are a living galaxy. Many living galaxies are a living universe. The living universe is life. Humanity is the beginning of a living universe Humanity is the life of the universe. Humanity can revive the universe, be born and procreate in it, perfect and create.

Therefore, one must learn the secrets of wisdom of life and learn to live in a new way. And if each of you will wait and hope on other people and think that everything by itself will be resolved, then know that the whole world can change only in the situation when you yourself create a beginning and act towards changing your world around you. It not only makes you believe that it is rightfully part of you, but also makes you its obedient slave. This leads to the rearrangement of individual priorities resulting in negative emotions such as anger, hatred, greed, envy, jealousy and fear taking primary positions, while the actual logically based HUMAN MIND occupies secondary positions.

As life-related mistakes are made, Man begins to get nervous and discomforted. With the onset of PRIDEMan ceases to notice that while he elevates himself in the eyes of other people, he loses his true friends and is surrounded only by sycophants.

Apkreittr — a special level of higher reasoning

Further convincing Man to believe that it is impossible for anyone to live without deceit and liesEGOtism bears a stronger hold on Man. Man then begins to suspect everyone and everything, even in the absence of reasons or facts for this. Initial negative thinking instances begin to manifest in Man. In other words, Man starts to initially suspect everyone, thinking that he might be deceived or used in the interests of others, even if there is no ground or reason for doing so.


It is worth reminding us that jealousy leads not only to scandals and fights, but also to the loss of loved ones. It is well known that neither material things nor material values can give Man a new flesh and body, but after EGOtism generates ENVY and GREED in Man, it leads Man to believe that it is necessary to live only for the sake of money, material things, status and апкреттр tangible assets while Man neglects, risks and sacrifices his own flesh and body to achieve them.

Man is then blinded by the fact that he already knows everything about life. Finally, after analyzing the mistakes made, EGOtism makes Man transfer the blame to other people or to a set of circumstances in order to constantly instill in himself the hope and belief that he is innocent and righteous.

This further makes Man oblivious to the fact that all the mistakes and misdeeds occurring in his life are the result of his EGOtistic unreasonable actions. You are so used to your EGOtism, that you continue to live with it and trust it, thereby ceasing to be in charge of your Mind and personality.

Apart from controlling and preventing you from living a proper and fulfilled life, EGOtism also makes you its slave. EGOtism not only encourages you to make книгт mistakes, but it also makes you pay for them.